Aging-Associated Metabolic Disorders

Age is associated with many metabolic disorders including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The mediators in aging process have been suggested to play a part in the cellular processes responsible for these metabolic disorders. Here is the latest research on aging-associated metabolic disorders.

July 2, 2020
Open Access

Potential Impacts of Meteorological Variables on Acute Ischemic Stroke Onset

Risk Management and Healthcare Policy
Xuemei QiSean X Leng
July 2, 2020

Metabolic Syndrome and Its Associated Factors in Older Adults: A Secondary Analysis of SABE Colombia in 2015

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders
Yaira Barranco-RuizRobinson Ramírez-Vélez
July 3, 2020

Ambient air pollution exposure association with diabetes prevalence and glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels in China. Cross-sectional analysis from the WHO study of AGEing and adult health wave 1

Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering
Mona ElbarbaryJoel Negin
July 3, 2020
Open Access

SARS-CoV-2 disease severity and diabetes: why the connection and what is to be done?

Immunity & Ageing : I & a
Caio Henrique Mazucanti, Josephine Mary Egan
July 8, 2020

Results of the surgical management of acute limb ischemia in the nonagenarians

Annals of Vascular Surgery
Arnaud DubouisLucie Salomon Du Mont
July 6, 2020

Autophagy in cardiovascular health and disease

Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science
Mahmoud AbdellatifSimon Sedej
July 3, 2020
Open Access

Senescent cell death as an aging resistance mechanism in naked mole-rat

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
Y. KawamuraKyoko Miura
July 2, 2020
Open Access

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Inflammaging in Heart Failure: Novel Roles of CYP-Derived Epoxylipids

Hedieh Keshavarz-BahaghighatJohn M Seubert
July 7, 2020
Open Access

Exercise improves aging-related decreased angiogenesis through modulating VEGF-A, TSP-1 and p-NF-Ƙb protein levels in myocardiocytes

Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Research
Bagher PourheydarLeila Chodari
July 9, 2020
Open Access

The Impact of Single-Cell Genomics on Adipose Tissue Research

International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Alana DeutschKosaku Shinoda
July 6, 2020

Cognitive rehabilitation of patients with neurodegenerative diseases

Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova
O S Levin, A N Bogolepova
July 7, 2020
Open Access

Assessment of Major Neurocognitive Disorders in Primary Health Care: Predictors of Individual Risk Factors

Frontiers in Psychology
Susana SousaConstança Paúl
July 9, 2020
Open Access

Neurovascular Inflammaging in Health and Disease

Ádám MészárosIstván A Krizbai
July 7, 2020
Open Access

Stroke survivors' priorities for research related to life after stroke

Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
Ann-Sofie RudbergErik Lundström
July 10, 2020

Homeostatic versus hedonic control of carbohydrate selection

The Journal of Physiology
Yasuhiko MinokoshiShiki Okamoto

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