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ATP Synthases

ATP Synthases diagram by MoleculeQuest, Shutterstock
MoleculeQuest, Shutterstock

ATP synthases are enzymes located in the inner mitochondrial membrane that catalyze the synthesis of ATP during cellular respiration. Discover the latest research on ATP synthases here.

Top 20 most recent papers
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology

A specific role of magnetic isotopes in biological and ecological systems. Physics and biophysics beyond

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular BiologyApril 1, 2020
Anatoly L BuchachenkoDmitry A Kuznetsov
Current Eye Research

Purinergic signaling involvement in thymosin β4-mediated corneal epithelial cell migration

Current Eye ResearchApril 1, 2020
Heung-Mo YangHynda K Kleinman
Photosynthesis Research

Chloroplast avoidance movement: a novel paradigm of ROS signalling

Photosynthesis ResearchMarch 31, 2020
Arkajo Majumdar, Rup Kumar Kar
The Journal of Biological Chemistry

NAD+ biosynthesis in bacteria is controlled by global carbon/nitrogen levels via PII signaling

The Journal of Biological ChemistryMarch 18, 2020
Adrian Richard Schenberger SantosKarl Forchhammer
Journal of Natural Products

Antibacterial and ATP Synthesis Modulating Compounds from Salvia tingitana

Journal of Natural ProductsMarch 18, 2020
Angela BisioNunziatina De Tommasi
Archives of Toxicology

In vitro mechanistic studies on α-amanitin and its putative antidotes

Archives of ToxicologyMarch 21, 2020
Daniela Ferreira RodriguesFélix Carvalho

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