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Bacterial Transport Proteins

Bacterial Transport Proteins diagram by ibreakstock, Shutterstock
ibreakstock, Shutterstock

Bacterial transport proteins facilitate active and passive transport of small molecules and solutes across the bacterial membrane. Here is the latest research.

Top 20 most recent papers
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews : MMBR

Life with Bacterial Mechanosensitive Channels, from Discovery to Physiology to Pharmacological Target

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews : MMBRJanuary 17, 2020
Paul Blount, Irene Iscla

Short-term changes in polysaccharide utilization mechanisms of marine bacterioplankton during a spring phytoplankton bloom

bioRxivJanuary 9, 2020
Greta ReintjesCarol Arnosti
Scientific Reports

Iron acquisition in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by the siderophore pyoverdine: an intricate interacting network including periplasmic and membrane proteins

Scientific ReportsJanuary 12, 2020
Anne BonneauIsabelle J Schalk

The conformational distribution of a major facilitator superfamily peptide transporter is modulated by the membrane composition

bioRxivJanuary 9, 2020
Tania Lasitza MaleChristian Loew

Mechanisms of substrate recognition by a typhoid toxin secretion-associated muramidase

ELifeJanuary 21, 2020
Tobias GeigerJorge E Galán
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Understanding the Role of Nanoscale Hetero-Interfaces in Core/Shell Structures for Water Splitting: Covalent Bonding Interaction Boosts the Activity of Binary Transition Metal Sulfides

ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesJanuary 11, 2020
Songge ZhangMingliang Du
Journal of the American Chemical Society

Different Reaction Specificities of F420 H2 -Dependent Reductases Facilitate Pyrrolobenzodiazepines and Lincomycin to Fit Their Biological Targets

Journal of the American Chemical SocietyJanuary 17, 2020
Lucie SteiningerovaJiri Janata
PloS One

Campylobacter portucalensis sp. nov., a new species of Campylobacter isolated from the preputial mucosa of bulls

PloS OneJanuary 11, 2020
Marta Filipa SilvaElisabete Silva

In Vitro Autonomous Construction of the Flagellar Axial Structure in Inverted Membrane Vesicles

BiomoleculesJanuary 17, 2020
Hiroyuki TerashimaKatsumi Imada

Unique Microbial Catabolic Pathway for the Human Core N -Glycan Constituent Fucosyl-α-1,6-N -Acetylglucosamine-Asparagine

MBioJanuary 16, 2020
Jimmy E BecerraMaría J Yebra

Substrate-dependent accessibility changes in the Na+-dependent C4-dicarboxylate transporter, VcINDY, suggest differential substrate effects in a multistep mechanism.

bioRxivJanuary 17, 2020
Christopher MulliganJoseph A. Mindell
Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVE

Characterization of Membrane Transporters by Heterologous Expression in E. coli and Production of Membrane Vesicles

Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVEJanuary 21, 2020
Menaka AriyaratnePaul F Morris
Nature Metabolism

Voltage-energized Calcium-sensitive ATP Production by Mitochondria

Nature MetabolismJanuary 18, 2020
Andrew P WescottLiron Boyman
Journal of Bacteriology

Roles of TroA and TroR in metalloregulated growth and gene expression in Treponema denticola

Journal of BacteriologyJanuary 15, 2020
Prakaimuk SaraithongJ Christopher Fenno
Food Research International

Capsanthin extract prevents obesity, reduces serum TMAO levels and modulates the gut microbiota composition in high-fat-diet induced obese C57BL/6J mice

Food Research InternationalJanuary 21, 2020
Tao WuMin Zhang

Experimental Evolution in vivo to Identify Selective Pressures During Pneumococcal Colonization

bioRxivJanuary 16, 2020
Vaughn S CooperJason W Rosch
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

A simple strategy to differentiate between H+ - and Na+ -transporting NADH:quinone oxidoreductases

Archives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsJanuary 19, 2020
Yulia V BertsovaAlexander V Bogachev
Current Issues in Molecular Biology

Competence and Transformation in Bacillus subtilis

Current Issues in Molecular BiologyJanuary 18, 2020
Berenike Maier
Photosynthesis Research

Structural basis underlying the electron transfer features of a blue copper protein auracyanin from the photosynthetic bacterium Roseiflexus castenholzii

Photosynthesis ResearchJanuary 15, 2020
Chao WangXiaoling Xu
Sichuan da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Sichuan University. Medical science edition

Preparation of a New Type of Silk Birth-canal Microecology Transporter

Sichuan da xue xue bao. Yi xue ban = Journal of Sichuan University. Medical science editionJanuary 18, 2020
Yang CaoYing Zhao

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