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Biomechanics examines the generation of internal forces within the body and investigates the effects and control of forces that act on or are produced on tissues. Here are the latest discoveries.

Top 20 most recent papers
Scientific Reports

A Deep Learning Framework for Design and Analysis of Surgical Bioprosthetic Heart Valves

Scientific ReportsDecember 6, 2019
Aditya BaluSoumik Sarkar
Scientific Reports

Effects of intradialytic exercise on cardiopulmonary capacity in chronic kidney disease: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Scientific ReportsDecember 5, 2019
Francini Porcher AndradePaula Maria Eidt Rovedder
Frontiers in Plant Science

High-Throughput System for the Early Quantification of Major Architectural Traits in Olive Breeding Trials Using UAV Images and OBIA Techniques

Frontiers in Plant ScienceNovember 18, 2019
Ana Isabel De CastroFrancisca Lopez-Granados
International Journal of Preventive Medicine

Evaluation of Changes in Levels of Hyperandrogenism, Hirsutism and Menstrual Regulation After a Period of Aquatic High Intensity Interval Training in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

International Journal of Preventive MedicineOctober 17, 2019
Zeinab SamadiZahra Shahshahan
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Assessment of Bones Deficient in Fibrillin-1 Microfibrils Reveals Pronounced Sex Differences

International Journal of Molecular SciencesDecember 1, 2019
Lukas AltinbasGeorgios Kararigas
Sports Medicine

Is Motorized Treadmill Running Biomechanically Comparable to Overground Running? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cross-Over Studies

Sports MedicineDecember 4, 2019
Bas Van HoorenRichard W Willy
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Heavy and Explosive Training Differentially Affect Modeled Cyclic Muscle Power

Medicine and Science in Sports and ExerciseNovember 27, 2019
Kira K Tanghe, James C Martin
Critical Care : the Official Journal of the Critical Care Forum

Expiratory flow limitation in intensive care: prevalence and risk factors

Critical Care : the Official Journal of the Critical Care ForumDecember 5, 2019
Carlo Alberto VoltaSavino Spadaro

Mitral valve leaflet response to ischemic mitral regurgitation: From gene expression to tissue remodeling

bioRxivDecember 6, 2019
Daniel P HowsmonMichael S Sacks
British Journal of Sports Medicine

Sports concussions: can head impact sensors help biomedical engineers to design better headgear?

British Journal of Sports MedicineDecember 6, 2019
Lyndia C Wu

Effects of a 12-week resistance and aerobic exercise program on muscular strength and quality of life in breast cancer survivors: Study protocol for the EFICAN randomized controlled trial: Erratum

MedicineDecember 1, 2019
Rheumatology International

The effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease risk factors and cardiovascular physiology in rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatology InternationalDecember 4, 2019
George S MetsiosIMPACT-RMD Consortium
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Influence of Glenosphere and baseplate parameters on Glenoid bone strains in reverse shoulder Arthroplasty

BMC Musculoskeletal DisordersDecember 5, 2019
Leo PauzenbergerFelix Dyrna
Schizophrenia Research

Effect of aerobic exercise combined with cognitive remediation on cortical thickness and prediction of social adaptation in patients with schizophrenia

Schizophrenia ResearchDecember 2, 2019
Shun TakahashiPeter Falkai
Journal of Sports Sciences

The practical application of a method of analysing the variability of within-step accelerations collected via athlete tracking devices

Journal of Sports SciencesDecember 6, 2019
Alec Buttfield, Kevin A Ball
Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism

Reduced physical activity in young and older adults: metabolic and musculoskeletal implications

Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and MetabolismNovember 19, 2019
Kelly A Bowden DaviesDaniel J Cuthbertson

Effects of combining functional exercises with exercise training on daily physical activities and functionality in patients with COPD: a protocol for a randomized clinical trial

TrialsDecember 5, 2019
Fabiano Francisco de LimaErcy Mara Cipulo Ramos
Journal of Physical Activity & Health

Acute Effects of Water-Based Concurrent Training Intrasession Exercise Sequences on Energy Expenditure in Young Women

Journal of Physical Activity & HealthDecember 4, 2019
Mariana Pradier SilvaStephanie Santana Pinto
Journal of Clinical Medicine

Exercise Training as a Treatment for Cardiometabolic Risk in Sedentary Adults: Are Physical Activity Guidelines the Best Way to Improve Cardiometabolic Health? The FIT-AGEING Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal of Clinical MedicineDecember 1, 2019
Francisco J Amaro-GaheteManuel Jose Castillo
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Bilateral Gait Six and Twelve Months Post-ACL Reconstruction Compared to Controls

Medicine and Science in Sports and ExerciseNovember 27, 2019
Hope C Davis-WilsonBrian G Pietrosimone

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