Bone Marrow Neoplasms

Bone Marrow Neoplasms are cancers that occur in the bone marrow. Discover the latest research on Bone Marrow Neoplasms here.

November 16, 2019
Open Access

Transformed bone marrow cells generate neoplasms of distinct histogenesis. a murine model of cancer transplantation

Stem Cell Research
Mireia Castillo-MartinCarlos Cordon-Cardo
October 23, 2018
Open Access

Clinical Evaluation of Massively Parallel RNA Sequencing for Detecting Recurrent Gene Fusions in Hematologic Malignancies

The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics : JMD
Borahm KimJong Rak Choi
November 9, 2018
Open Access

Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome (Clarkson Syndrome) in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review

Journal of Clinical Medicine
Jae Il ShinHans J van der Vliet
December 1, 2018
Case Report

An isolated der(1;21)(q10;q10) translocation in a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome: a case report

American Journal of Blood Research
Masahiro ManabeKi-Ryang Koh
July 18, 2018
Open Access

Copper-CX-5461: A novel liposomal formulation for a small molecule rRNA synthesis inhibitor

Journal of Controlled Release : Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society
Ada W Y LeungMarcel B Bally
June 13, 2018

Peritumoral Edema/Tumor Volume Ratio: A Strong Survival Predictor for Posterior Fossa Metastases

Gauthier CalluaudAymeric Amelot
July 2, 2018
Open Access

The Diagnostic Work-Up of Hypereosinophilia

Pathobiology : Journal of Immunopathology, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Sa A Wang
March 28, 2020
Open Access

The Effect of Lavender Aroma on Anxiety of Patients Having Bone Marrow Biopsy

Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention : APJCP
Reyhaneh AbbaszadehAtefeh Asadpour
August 24, 2018
Case Report

A Case of Bone Marrow Metastasis of Oligodendroglioma with IDH Mutation and 1p/19q Codeletion

No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery
Katsunari KikoYoshio Suzuki
October 19, 2018
Case Report
Open Access

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Maxillary Gingiva Progressing to Disseminated Carcinomatosis of Bone Marrow

The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College
Kazumichi SatoTakeshi Nomura
November 15, 2018
Open Access

Hypoxic Microenvironment and Metastatic Bone Disease

International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Toru Hiraga
July 27, 2018
Open Access

Myeloid Neoplasms with Germline Predisposition

Pathobiology : Journal of Immunopathology, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Julia T Geyer
June 9, 2018
Open Access

Impaired mitochondrial activity explains platelet dysfunction in thrombocytopenic cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

Constance C F M J BaatenPaola E J van der Meijden
July 10, 2019
Open Access

Imaging CAR T cell therapy with PSMA-targeted positron emission tomography

Science Advances
Il MinnMartin G Pomper

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