Calcium & Bioenergetics

Bioenergetic processes, including cellular respiration and photosynthesis, concern the transformation of energy by cells. Here is the latest research on the role of calcium in bioenergetics.

August 29, 2020
Open Access

Molecular Pharmacology of Synthetic Cannabinoids: Delineating CB1 Receptor-Mediated Cell Signaling

International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Kenneth B Walsh, Haley K Andersen
September 15, 2020
Open Access

Mitochondrial mechanosensor in cardiovascular diseases

Vascular Biology
Cristina Caffarra MalvezziMichele Miragoli
September 1, 2020

Cross Talk between Mitochondria and Other Targets in Alzheimer's Disease

Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology : Official Organ of the International Society for Environmental Toxicology and Cancer
Rehana KhatoonSuhel Parvez
September 13, 2020
Open Access

SAM50, a side door to the mitochondria: The case of cytotoxic proteases

Pharmacological Research : the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society
Stefania LionelloDenis Martinvalet
August 26, 2020
Open Access

Voltage imaging using transgenic mouse lines expressing the GEVI ArcLight in two olfactory cell types

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
J. PlatisaD. A. Storace
August 30, 2020
Open Access


Cell Communication and Signaling : CCS
Trevor P Creamer
August 25, 2020
Open Access

Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus perturbs the host cell Ca2+-homeostasis to promote cell death

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
K. StelznerThomas Rudel
August 25, 2020

Tissue-specific expression pattern of calcium-dependent protein kinases-related kinases (CRKs) in rice

Plant Signaling & Behavior
Akhilesh YadavShri Ram Yadav
September 6, 2020

Valproic Acid Treatment Rescues Injured Tissues After Traumatic Brain Injury

The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
Ben E BiesterveldHasan B Alam
August 28, 2020
Open Access

Phosphatidylinositol(4,5)bisphosphate: diverse functions at the plasma membrane

Essays in Biochemistry
Matilda Katan, Shamshad Cockcroft
August 24, 2020

The anti-inflammatory effect of the gut lactic acid bacteria-generated metabolite 10-oxo-cis-6,trans-11-octadecadienoic acid on monocytes

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Shuhei HagiwaraChiharu Nishiyama
September 10, 2020
Open Access

A Guard Cell Abscisic Acid (ABA) Network Model That Captures the Stomatal Resting State

Frontiers in Physiology
Parul MaheshwariReka Albert
September 15, 2020
Open Access

Dopaminergic Modulation of Signal Processing in a Subset of Retinal Bipolar Cells

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
Chase B HellmerTomomi Ichinose
September 11, 2020
Open Access

Decreased calmodulin recruitment triggers PMCA4 dysfunction and pancreatic injury in cystic fibrosis

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
Jozsef MalethP. Hegyi

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