Cell Adhesion Molecules in the Brain

Cell adhesion molecules found on cell surface help cells bind with other cells or the extracellular matrix to maintain structure and function. Here is the latest research on their role in the brain.

August 9, 2020

Bacterial assembly during the initial adhesion phase in wastewater treatment biofilms

Water Research
Qiuju LiuHongqiang Ren
August 11, 2020

Bifurcations in a fractional-order neural network with multiple leakage delays

Neural Networks : the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
Chengdai HuangJinde Cao
August 8, 2020

Young Neurons Tickle Memory during REM Sleep

Christelle Peyron, Claire Rampon
August 8, 2020

Dialogue Across Chasm: Are Psychology and Neurophysiology Incompatible?

Shimon Marom
August 12, 2020

Theory of deep convolutional neural networks II: Spherical analysis

Neural Networks : the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
Zhiying FangDing-Xuan Zhou
August 10, 2020

Automatic skin lesion segmentation based on FC-DPN

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Pufang ShanJunxin Chen
August 9, 2020

An Integrated Index: Engrams, Place Cells, and Hippocampal Memory

Travis D GoodeThomas J McHugh
August 11, 2020
Open Access

Optimizing bags of artificial neural networks for the prediction of viability from sparse data

The Journal of Chemical Physics
Clyde A Daly, Rigoberto Hernandez
August 9, 2020

Integrating Multi-Omics Data by Learning Modality Invariant Representations for Improved Prediction of Overall Survival of Cancer

Methods : a Companion to Methods in Enzymology
Li TongMay D Wang
August 11, 2020
Open Access

Improved object recognition using neural networks trained to mimic the brain's statistical properties

Neural Networks : the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
Callie FedererJoel Zylberberg
August 11, 2020

Development and validation of two artificial intelligence models for diagnosing benign, pigmented facial skin lesions

Skin Research and Technology : Official Journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin (ISBS) [and] International Society for Digital Imaging of Skin (ISDIS) [and] International Society for Skin Imaging (ISSI)
Yin YangTong Lin
August 12, 2020

Plasticity and Spontaneous Activity Pulses in Disused Human Brain Circuits

Dillan J NewboldNico U F Dosenbach
August 9, 2020
Open Access

Predicting Alzheimer's disease progression using deep recurrent neural networks

Minh NguyenAlzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
August 11, 2020

Deep Learning for Variational Multimodality Tumor Segmentation in PET/CT

Laquan LiShan Tan
August 11, 2020

VIDHOP, viral host prediction with Deep Learning

Florian MockManja Marz
August 9, 2020

Distinct infrastructure of lipid networks in visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues in overweight humans

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Anish ZachariaArieh Moussaieff

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