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Cell Adhesion Molecules in the Brain

Cell Adhesion Molecules in the Brain diagram by ellepigrafica, Shutterstock
ellepigrafica, Shutterstock

Cell adhesion molecules found on cell surface help cells bind with other cells or the extracellular matrix to maintain structure and function. Here is the latest research on their role in the brain.

Top 20 most recent papers
May 23, 2020

Simplification of neural networks for skin lesion image segmentation using color channel pruning

Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics : the Official Journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society
M HajabdollahiS Samavi
May 24, 2020

The effects of different levels of realism on the training of CNNs with only synthetic images for the semantic segmentation of robotic instruments in a head phantom

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Saul Alexis Heredia PerezMamoru Mitsuishi
May 22, 2020

Oxygen Sensing Comes to the Development of the Cerebellum

Dan Goldowitz
May 26, 2020

Encoder-Decoder CNN Models for Automatic Tracking of Tongue Contours in Real-time Ultrasound Data

Methods : a Companion to Methods in Enzymology
M Hamed Mozaffari, Won-Sook Lee
May 20, 2020

Viral G-quadruplexes: New frontiers in virus pathogenesis and antiviral therapy

Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry
Emanuela Ruggiero, Sara N Richter
May 22, 2020
Open Access

Automated abnormality classification of chest radiographs using deep convolutional neural networks

NPJ Digital Medicine
Yu-Xing TangRonald M Summers
May 23, 2020

Robust image classification against adversarial attacks using elastic similarity measures between edge count sequences

Neural Networks : the Official Journal of the International Neural Network Society
Izaskun OregiJosé A Lozano
May 22, 2020

Functional movement disorders in children and adolescents

Zhongguo dang dai er ke za zhi = Chinese journal of contemporary pediatrics
Ya-Nan Tang, Ling Wei
May 23, 2020

Understanding the learning mechanism of convolutional neural networks in spectral analysis

Analytica Chimica Acta
Xiaolei ZhangYibin Ying
May 23, 2020

VTA Glutamatergic Neurons Mediate Innate Defensive Behaviors

M Flavia BarbanoMarisela Morales

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