Cell Cycle Modeling

Computational modeling and the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems allow one to not simply describe the events of the cell cycle, but also to understand why these events occur. Discover the latest research on cell cycle modeling here.

July 17, 2020
Open Access

Structural mechanism of helicase loading onto replication origin DNA by ORC-Cdc6

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Zuanning YuanChristian Speck
August 11, 2020
Open Access

Circadian clock effects on cellular proliferation: Insights from theory and experiments

Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Shaon Chakrabarti, Franziska Michor
August 1, 2020

Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking of new uracil analogs-1,2,4-oxadiazole hybrids as potential anticancer agents

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Az-Eddine El MansouriHassan B Lazrek
August 5, 2020

Ultra-high dimensional semiparametric longitudinal data analysis

Brittany GreenTianhai Zu
July 30, 2020

Molecular modeling studies of novel naphthyridine and isoquinoline derivatives as CDK8 inhibitors

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
Qunlin LiYujie Ren
July 18, 2020
Open Access

Nonequilibrium continuous phase transition in colloidal gelation with short-range attraction

Nature Communications
Joep RouwhorstPeter Schall
July 13, 2020

Estimation of the ligand-binding free energy of checkpoint kinase 1 via non-equilibrium MD simulations

Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling
Nguyen Thi MaiHuong Thi Thu Phung
July 16, 2020
Open Access

Immature dendritic cells promote high avidity tuning of vaccine T cell response

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
A. KumbhariPeter S Kim
July 18, 2020

Extended Robust Boolean Network of Budding Yeast Cell Cycle

Journal of Medical Signals and Sensors
Sajad ShafiekhaniAmir Homayoun Jafari
July 11, 2020

The Impact of Full-Scale Simulation Training Based on Kolb's Learning Cycle on Medical Prehospital Emergency Teams: A Multilevel Assessment Study

Simulation in Healthcare : Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
Thierry SecheresseLaurent Lima
July 29, 2020
Open Access

Radioprotective effects of induced astronaut torpor and advanced propulsion systems during deep space travel

Life Sciences in Space Research
T SquireS Bernard
August 5, 2020

Flavonoids-mediated SIRT1 signaling activation in hepatic disorders

Life Sciences
Ahmed M SayedAyman M Mahmoud

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