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Cell Imaging in CNS

Cell Imaging in CNS diagram by Alexandros A Lavdas, Shutterstock
Alexandros A Lavdas, Shutterstock

Here is the latest research on cell imaging and imaging modalities, including light-sheet microscopy, in the central nervous system.

Top 20 most recent papers
Optics Express

General design formalism for highly efficient flat optics for broadband applications

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Daniel WerdehausenManuel Decker
Optics Express

Imaging high-speed moving targets with a single-pixel detector

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Wenjie JiangBaoqing Sun
Optics Express

Stitching sub-aperture in digital holography based on machine learning

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Feng PanPietro Ferraro
Optics Express

Efficient layout-aware statistical analysis for photonic integrated circuits

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Jaspreet JhojaLukas Chrostowski
Optics Express

Fourier ptychography: current applications and future promises

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Pavan Chandra KondaRoarke Horstmeyer
Optics Express

Intensity dependence in nonsequential double ionization of helium

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Zhangjin ChenKlaus Bartschat
Optics Express

Surface templated inverse photonic glass for saturated blue structural color

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Guoliang ShangManfred Eich
Optics Express

Photonic crystal lightsail with nonlinear reflectivity for increased stability

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Karthik Vijay MyilswamyMichelle L Povinelli
Optics Express

Spectral emissivity design using aluminum-based hybrid gratings

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Romil Audhkhasi, Michelle L Povinelli
Optics Express

Full-color light-field microscopy via single-pixel imaging

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Manhong YaoJingang Zhong
Optics Express

Nanostructured front electrodes for perovskite/c-Si tandem photovoltaics

Optics ExpressApril 1, 2020
Ihteaz M HossainUlrich W Paetzold

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