Centromeres & Kinetochores

The centromere is a specialized DNA sequence of a chromosome that links a pair of sister chromatids. During prophase, specialized regions of the centromeres known as kinetochores attach chromosomes to spindle fibers. Here is the latest research on centromeres and the kinetochore.

June 25, 2020
Open Access

Structural view of the yeast Dam1 complex, a ring-shaped molecular coupler for the dynamic microtubule end

Essays in Biochemistry
Shaowen Wu, Ekaterina L Grishchuk
July 1, 2020
Open Access

Clinicopatological variants and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in rheumatoid arthritis

Terapevticheskiĭ arkhiv
N V ChebotarevaS V Moiseev
July 1, 2020

Mass Spectrometry Analysis to Identify Ubiquitylation of EYFP-tagged CENP-A (EYFP-CENP-A)

Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVE
Yohei NiikuraKatsumi Kitagawa
July 6, 2020

Chromosome 17 In Situ Hybridization Grid-based Analysis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Anticancer Research
Aristeidis ChrysovergisEfthymios Kyrodimos
June 17, 2020
Open Access

Microtubule poleward flux in human cells is driven by the coordinated action of four kinesins

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
Y. SteblyankoMarin Barisic
June 28, 2020

Maternal inheritance of centromeres through the germline

Current Topics in Developmental Biology
Arunika DasMichael A Lampson
July 1, 2020
Open Access

Improved contiguity of the threespine stickleback genome using long-read sequencing

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
S. NathMichael A. White
June 27, 2020

High prevalence of AH in HIV patients on ART, in Bahia, Brazil

Current HIV Research
Daniel Vargas-PacherrezCarla Daltro
June 20, 2020
Open Access

Metformin protects against mouse oocyte apoptosis defects induced by arecoline

Cell Proliferation
Wei-Dong LiMinghui Zhao
July 3, 2020

Inhibitors of the Bub1 spindle assembly checkpoint kinase: Synthesis of BAY-320 and comparison with 2OH-BNPP1

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
I. AmalinaStephen S Taylor
June 21, 2020

Sealer penetration: effect of separated file's cross-section, taper and motion characteristics

Clinical Oral Investigations
Ayhan EymirliAhmet Serper
June 26, 2020
Open Access

Improving Industrially Relevant Phenotypic Traits by Engineering Chromosome Copy Number in Saccharomyces pastorianus

Frontiers in Genetics
Arthur R Gorter de VriesJean-Marc G Daran
July 1, 2020

Mutations in the Drosophila rough deal gene affecting RZZ kinetochore function

Biology of the Cell
Alexandra Menant, Roger E Karess

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