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Cofactor Redox Enzymology

Cofactor Redox Enzymology diagram by ibreakstock, Shutterstock
ibreakstock, Shutterstock

This feed focuses on structure and function of coenzymes in catalytic reactions, including cellular redox systems.

Top 20 most recent papers
Annual Review of Biochemistry

Current Understanding of the Mechanism of Water Oxidation in Photosystem II and Its Relation to XFEL Data

Annual Review of BiochemistryMarch 27, 2020
Nicholas CoxWolfgang Lubitz
Progress in Lipid Research

Regulation of coenzyme A levels by degradation: the 'Ins and Outs'

Progress in Lipid ResearchApril 3, 2020
Philippe NaquetRoberta Leonardi
The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Crystal structure of human archease, a key cofactor of tRNA splicing ligase complex

The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell BiologyApril 3, 2020
Shuyan DuanJixi Li
Environmental Microbiology

The biosynthesis of the molybdenum cofactors in Escherichia coli

Environmental MicrobiologyApril 3, 2020
Silke Leimkühler
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Regulation of antioxidant systems in response to anoxia and reoxygenation in Rana sylvatica

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyApril 5, 2020
Aakriti Gupta, Kenneth B Storey
Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Transcription factors and transporters in zinc homeostasis: lessons learned from fungi

Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMarch 21, 2020
David J Eide
Molecular Cell

Resolving the 3D Landscape of Transcription-Linked Mammalian Chromatin Folding

Molecular CellMarch 28, 2020
Tsung-Han S HsiehXavier Darzacq
The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Correction: Vitamin and cofactor acquisition in apicomplexans: Synthesis versus salvage

The Journal of Biological ChemistryMarch 22, 2020
Aarti KrishnanDominique Soldati-Favre
Chemical Science

A model for dinitrogen binding in the E4 state of nitrogenase

Chemical ScienceMarch 25, 2020
Albert Th ThorhallssonRagnar Bjornsson

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