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Cryogenic Electron Microscopy

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Cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM) allows the determination of biological macromolecules and their assemblies at a near-atomic resolution. Here is the latest research.

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Molecular Cell

Cryo-EM Structures of Human Drosha and DGCR8 in Complex with Primary MicroRNA

Molecular CellMarch 30, 2020
Alexander C PartinYunsun Nam
Molecular Cell

Structural Basis for pri-miRNA Recognition by Drosha

Molecular CellMarch 30, 2020
Wenxing JinRui-Ming Xu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry. B

Tau R3-R4 Domain Dimer of the Wild Type and Phosphorylated Ser356 Sequences. I. In Solution by Atomistic Simulations

The Journal of Physical Chemistry. BMarch 29, 2020
Philippe DerreumauxPhuong Hoang Nguyen
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

Could Egg White Lysozyme be Solved by Single Particle Cryo-EM?

Journal of Chemical Information and ModelingMarch 24, 2020
Yue ZhangRaimond Ravelli
Cell Research

Cryo-EM structure of human bile salts exporter ABCB11

Cell ResearchMarch 24, 2020
Liang WangYuxing Chen
Nature Communications

Structural basis for the increased processivity of D-family DNA polymerases in complex with PCNA

Nature CommunicationsMarch 30, 2020
Clément MadruLudovic Sauguet
Protein Science : a Publication of the Protein Society

Three-dimensional organization of the cytoskeleton: a cryo-electron tomography perspective

Protein Science : a Publication of the Protein SocietyMarch 28, 2020
Saikat ChakrabortyWolfgang Baumeister
Molecules : a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry

Ellagic Acid Containing Nanostructured Lipid Carriers for Topical Application: A Preliminary Study

Molecules : a Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product ChemistryMarch 27, 2020
Supandeep Singh HallanRita Cortesi

Structure of human ferroportin reveals molecular basis of iron homeostasis

bioRxivMarch 18, 2020
Christian BillesboelleAashish Manglik

eIF2B and the Integrated Stress Response: a structural and mechanistic view

BiochemistryMarch 24, 2020
Assen Marintchev, Takuhiro Ito
Molecular Pharmaceutics

Biodegradable hypericin-containing nanoparticles for necrosis targeting and fluorescence imaging

Molecular PharmaceuticsMarch 28, 2020
Xiangjun HanKhashayar Farsad

Cryo-EM structure of catalytic ribonucleoprotein complex RNase MRP

bioRxivMarch 18, 2020
Anna PerederinaAndrey S Krasilnikov
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

Cylindrical Similarity Measurement for Helices in Medium-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Density Maps

Journal of Chemical Information and ModelingMarch 29, 2020
Salim SazzedJing He

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