Cytoskeletal Dynamics

The cytoskeleton is a dynamic system that is involved in numerous cellular functions. The dynamic cytoskeleton has a close relationship with formation and trafficking of vesicles, spindle localization, cell compartmentation and more. Here is the latest research on cytoskeletal dynamics.

September 22, 2020

Actuation Enhances Patterning in Human Neural Tube Organoids

BioRxiv : the Preprint Server for Biology
A. R. A. FattahAdrian Ranga
September 17, 2020
Open Access

Modulation of Actin Network and Tau Phosphorylation by HDAC6 ZnF UBP Domain

Balmik Ankur BalmikSubashchandrabose Chinnathambi
September 23, 2020

Dual Specificity Phosphatases Support Axon Plasticity and Viability

Molecular Neurobiology
Ambika ChandrasekharDouglas W Zochodne
September 26, 2020

Tumor-derived microparticles in tumor immunology and immunotherapy

European Journal of Immunology
Jingwei MaBo Huang
September 17, 2020

Local TrkB signaling: themes in development and neural plasticity

Cell and Tissue Research
Aaron Johnstone, William Mobley
September 23, 2020

Identification of Significant Genes and Pathways in Acute Pancreatitis via Bioinformatical Analysis

Digestive Diseases and Sciences
Ran JiErzhen Chen
September 23, 2020

Ten-m/Odz3 regulates migration and differentiation of chondrogenic ATDC5 cells via RhoA-mediated actin reorganization

Journal of Cellular Physiology
Ikuko TakanoTeruko Takano-Yamamoto
September 4, 2020
Open Access

Actin networks regulate the cell membrane permeability during electroporation

Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Biomembranes
Aswin MuralidharanPouyan E Boukany
September 25, 2020
Open Access

Modelling cytoskeletal transport by clusters of non-processive molecular motors with limited binding sites

Royal Society Open Science
Naruemon RueangkhamRhoda J Hawkins
September 23, 2020
Open Access

Ruthenium (II) complex cis-[RuII (ŋ2 -O2 CC7 H7 O2 )(dppm)2 ]PF6 -hmxbato induces ROS-mediated apoptosis in lung tumor cells producing selective cytotoxicity

Scientific Reports
Mônica Soares CostaKelly Aparecida Geraldo Yoneyama
September 25, 2020

Integrin-associated ILK and PINCH1 protein content are reduced in skeletal muscle of maintenance hemodialysis patients

The Journal of Physiology
Fulvia DraicchioRichard Mackenzie
September 23, 2020

Stick-slip model for actin-driven cell protrusions, cell polarization, and crawling

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Pierre Sens
September 19, 2020

Yes-associated protein 1 translocation through actin cytoskeleton organization in trophectoderm cells

Developmental Biology
Shota YamamuraManabu Kawahara
September 18, 2020
Open Access

Renewal Reward Perspective on Linear Switching Diffusion Systems in Models of Intracellular Transport

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
Maria-Veronica CiocanelScott A McKinley

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