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Endoplasmic Reticulum Biochemistry

Endoplasmic Reticulum Biochemistry diagram by Aldona Griskeviciene, Shutterstock
Aldona Griskeviciene, Shutterstock

This feed focuses on endoplasmic reticulum biochemistry, and includes ER stress and the unfolded protein response.

Top 20 most recent papers
Acta Neuropathologica

Synaptotagmin 13 is neuroprotective across motor neuron diseases

Acta NeuropathologicaFebruary 18, 2020
M NizzardoS Corti
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced complex I defect: Central role of calcium overload

Archives of Biochemistry and BiophysicsFebruary 18, 2020
Ahmed A MohsinQun Chen
Pharmacological Research : the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society

Endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling in cancer and neurodegenerative disorders: tools and strategies to understand its complexity

Pharmacological Research : the Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological SocietyFebruary 19, 2020
Daniela Correia da SilvaDavid M Pereira
Cell Biology International

Indospicine combined with arginine deprivation triggers cancer cell death via caspase-dependent apoptosis

Cell Biology InternationalFebruary 19, 2020
Galyna Y ShuvayevaOleh V Stasyk
Current Opinion in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Mitochondrial function in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Current Opinion in Obstetrics & GynecologyFebruary 19, 2020
Mauro Cozzolino, Emre Seli
Frontiers in Neuroscience

Interplay Between Mitochondrial Oxidative Disorders and Proteostasis in Alzheimer's Disease

Frontiers in NeuroscienceFebruary 18, 2020
Emilio Llanos-GonzálezMario Durán-Prado
Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

Perspectives on chemotherapy for the management of double-hit lymphoma

Expert Opinion on PharmacotherapyFebruary 19, 2020
Taha Al-JuhaishiVictor Yazbeck
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

Neuroprotective Effect of the Inhibitor Salubrinal after Cardiac Arrest in a Rodent Model

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular LongevityFebruary 18, 2020
Jincheng ZhangGuangtian Yang
Trends in Cancer

Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response in Hormone-Regulated Cancers

Trends in CancerFebruary 18, 2020
Yang Jin, Fahri Saatcioglu
International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

No Influence of Prematch Subjective Wellness Ratings on External Load During Elite Australian Football Match Play

International Journal of Sports Physiology and PerformanceFebruary 14, 2020
Phillip M BellingerClare L Minahan

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