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Exocytosis & Endocytosis: Imaging

Exocytosis & Endocytosis: Imaging diagram by Gehne et al, PLOS One
Gehne et al, PLOS One

Dynamin GTPases are proteins that are responsible for endocytosis in cells, as well as division of organelles, cytokinesis, and pathogen resistance. Discover the latest research on dynamin GTPases here.

Top 20 most recent papers
The Journal of Cell Biology

Heparan sulfate is a clearance receptor for aberrant extracellular proteins

The Journal of Cell BiologyMarch 27, 2020
Eisuke ItakuraAkira Matsuura
Cell Reports

IQGAP1 Negatively Regulates HIV-1 Gag Trafficking and Virion Production

Cell ReportsMarch 27, 2020
Yosef SaboStephen P Goff
The Journal of Cell Biology

VE-cadherin endocytosis controls vascular integrity and patterning during development

The Journal of Cell BiologyApril 2, 2020
Cynthia M Grimsley-MyersAndrew P Kowalczyk

Anaerobic metabolism of Foraminifera thriving below the seafloor

bioRxivMarch 27, 2020
William D OrsiMichal Kucera
Journal of Molecular Neuroscience : MN

GOLPH3 Regulates Exosome miRNA Secretion in Glioma Cells

Journal of Molecular Neuroscience : MNApril 1, 2020
Pengfei HuXiuping Zhou
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Acid-responsive dextran-based therapeutic nanoplatforms for photodynamic-chemotherapy against multidrug resistance

International Journal of Biological MacromoleculesApril 1, 2020
Lin LiuLi Chen
Journal of Autoimmunity

Antibodies can specifically target placental mitochondria and induce ROS production

Journal of AutoimmunityApril 1, 2020
Rachel ZussmanAnthony Hickey
Chemistry : a European Journal

Multimeric Presentation of RGD Peptidomimetics Enhances Integrin Binding and Tumor Cell Uptake

Chemistry : a European JournalApril 1, 2020
Arianna PinaDidier Boturyn

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