Gallbladder Neoplasms

Gallbladder neoplasms are rare tumors of the gallbladder, with adenocarcinoma being the most frequent subtype. Discover the latest research on Gallbladder neoplasms here.

July 21, 2020
Case Report
Open Access

Laparoscopic Approach for Gallstone Ileus in Geriatric Patients

Anupam K GuptaBruce Brenner
September 25, 2020

Recent Updates on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-up of Gallbladder Polyps

The Korean journal of gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe chi
Sung Ill JangDong Ki Lee
May 28, 2020

Effect of lymphadenectomy in curative gallbladder cancer treatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery
Bernhard WidmannThomas Steffen
December 12, 2019
Open Access

A review of changes to and clinical implications of the eighth TNM classification of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology
Makoto UenoJunji Furuse
April 3, 2020
Open Access

Hepatopancreatoduodenectomy-a treatment option for bile duct and gallbladder cancer

Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für alle Gebiete der operativen Medizen
Caroline MunroUtz Settmacher
September 22, 2020
Case Report
Open Access

Gallbladder sarcomatoid carcinoma: Seven case reports

World Journal of Clinical Cases
Qing QinXin Wang
November 27, 2019
Open Access

Oncologic Outcomes of Extended Lymphadenectomy without Liver Resection for T1/T2 Gallbladder Cancer

Yonsei Medical Journal
Jae Uk Chong, Woo Jung Lee
July 27, 2020

Comparative Outcomes of Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the Gallbladder: an Analysis of the National Cancer Database

Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery : Official Journal of the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Gilbert MurimwaAdam C Yopp
April 4, 2020

Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of gallbladder carcinoma (2019 edition)

Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery]
Branch of Biliary Surgery, Chinese Surgical Society, Chinese Committee of Biliary Surgeons
December 8, 2019

Long non-coding RNA SSTR5-AS1 facilitates gemcitabine resistance via stabilizing NONO in gallbladder carcinoma

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Zhuowei XueGuangyi Qin
November 19, 2019
Open Access

Dickkopf Homolog 3 (DKK3) Acts as a Potential Tumor Suppressor in Gallbladder Cancer

Frontiers in Oncology
Kirti GondkarPrashant Kumar
January 29, 2020

HASPIN is involved in the progression of gallbladder carcinoma

Experimental Cell Research
Dawei ZhuLi Li
December 12, 2019
Case Report
Open Access

Long term recurrence free survival in a stage IV gallbladder cancer treated with chemotherapy plus trastuzumab and salvage liver resection

Annals of Hepato-biliary-pancreatic Surgery
Mikel PrietoAndrés Valdivieso
February 28, 2020
Case Report
Open Access

Flushing as atypical initial presentation of functional gallbladder neuroendocrine carcinoma: A case report

World Journal of Gastroenterology : WJG
Ming JinSheng Yan
November 22, 2019
Open Access

Role of stratifin (14-3-3 sigma) in adenocarcinoma of gallbladder: A novel prognostic biomarker

Surgical Oncology
Vorapan SirivatanauksornSomchai Limsrichamrern
July 13, 2020

Inhibition of autophagy by chloroquine enhances the antitumor activity of gemcitabine for gallbladder cancer

Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
Fang-Tao WangYue-Zu Fan

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