Legionellosis is caused by Legionella species acquired from environmental sources, principally water sources such as cooling towers, where Legionella grows intracellularly in protozoa within biofilms. Here is the latest research.

April 13, 2021

Deciphering Legionella effector delivery by Icm/Dot secretion system reveals a new role for c-diGMP signaling.

Journal of Molecular Biology
J AllombertP Doublet
April 12, 2021
Open Access

Pathogenicity and Virulence of Legionella: Intracellular replication and host response.

Deepika Chauhan, Stephanie R Shames
April 5, 2021
Case Report
Open Access

Travel Trouble With Legionella in the Era of COVID-19: A Case Report.

Khandakar M HussainNuzhat T Ahmad
April 5, 2021

Are pathogenic Legionella non-pneumophila a common bacteria in Water Distribution Networks?

Water Research
Mireya Beatriz SalinasFernando Izquierdo
April 4, 2021
Open Access

The Ubiquitination System within Bacterial Host-Pathogen Interactions.

Vera VozandychovaJiri Stulik
April 3, 2021
Open Access

Efficient cooling tower operation at alkaline pH for the control of Legionella pneumophila and other pathogenic genera.

Water Research
I S M PinelM C M van Loosdrecht
April 2, 2021
Open Access

Assay for Assessing Mucin Binding to Bacteria and Bacterial Proteins.

Lubov S GrigoryevaNicholas P Cianciotto
March 30, 2021
Open Access

Polymer Brush-GaAs Interface and Its Use as an Antibody-Compatible Platform for Biosensing.

ACS Omega
Daniela T MarquezJan J Dubowski
March 29, 2021

Coxiella burnetii encodes an LvgA-related protein important for intracellular replication.

Cellular Microbiology
Samuel SteinerCraig R Roy
March 26, 2021
Open Access

Novel Endosymbionts in Rhizarian Amoebae Imply Universal Infection of Unrelated Free-Living Amoebae by Legionellales.

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Marcel Dominik SolbachKenneth Dumack
March 25, 2021
Open Access

[Legionelosis en España, 2010-2015].

Biomédica : revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud
Enrique Gea-Izquierdo
March 18, 2021

Take my breath away: Pathogen invasion of the human lung using primary tissue models.

Pathogens and Disease
Amanda L Dragan, Daniel E Voth
March 9, 2021
Open Access

Differentially Expressed Gene Profile of Acanthamoeba castellanii Induced by an Endosymbiont Legionella pneumophila.

The Korean Journal of Parasitology
Eun-Kyung MoonHyun-Hee Kong
March 7, 2021
Open Access

Development of a Fluorescent Tool for Studying Legionella bozemanae Intracellular Infection.

Breanne M HeadAnn Karen C Brassinga
March 7, 2021
Open Access

Local adaptation of Legionella pneumophila within a hospital hot water system increases tolerance to copper.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Emilie BédardMichèle Prévost

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