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Metabolomics refers to the large-scale study of profiling all metabolites in biological systems in a non-targeted manner. Here is the latest research.

Top 20 most recent papers
Scientific Reports

Glutamine/glutamate metabolism rewiring in reprogrammed human hepatocyte-like cells

Scientific ReportsNovember 29, 2019
Maria BallesterRoque Bort
Trends in Analytical Chemistry : TRAC

Ion Mobility Spectrometry and the Omics: Distinguishing Isomers, Molecular Classes and Contaminant Ions in Complex Samples

Trends in Analytical Chemistry : TRACJuly 1, 2019
Kristin E Burnum-JohnsonErin Shammel Baker
BMC Cancer

Metabolic consequences of perioperative oral carbohydrates in breast cancer patients - an explorative study

BMC CancerDecember 4, 2019
Tone Hoel LendeJan Pieter Albert Baak
Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic Society

Common and distinct variation in data fusion of designed experimental data

Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic SocietyDecember 3, 2019
Masoumeh AlinaghiJohan A. Westerhuis
Journal of Proteome Research

Dynamic alterations of plasma metabolites in the progression of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy

Journal of Proteome ResearchDecember 5, 2019
Ya-Lei ZhaoLan-juan Li
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Comprehensive analysis of the Alternaria mycobolome using mass spectrometry based metabolomics

Molecular Nutrition & Food ResearchDecember 4, 2019
Marina GotthardtMichael Rychlik
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Integrative Network Analysis Linking Clinical Outcomes With Environmental Exposures and Molecular Variations in Service Personnel Deployed to Balad and Bagram

Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineDecember 1, 2019
Juilee ThakarKaran Uppal
Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic Society

Correction to: Metabolomics profiles of patients with Wilson disease reveal a distinct metabolic signature

Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic SocietyDecember 3, 2019
Gaurav V SarodeValentina Medici
Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic Society

Serum lipidome analysis of healthy beagle dogs receiving different diets

Metabolomics : Official Journal of the Metabolomic SocietyDecember 3, 2019
Felicitas Schär BorettiNadja S Sieber-Ruckstuhl
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Metabolome-Wide Association Study of Deployment to Balad, Iraq or Bagram, Afghanistan

Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineDecember 1, 2019
Young-Mi GoDean P. Jones
Frontiers in Microbiology

Improvement of Acetaldehyde Production in Zymomonas mobilis by Engineering of Its Aerobic Metabolism

Frontiers in MicrobiologyNovember 14, 2019
Uldis KalnenieksKatja Bettenbrock
Analytical Chemistry

Dose-Response Metabolomics to Understand Biochemical Mechanisms and Off-Target Drug Effects with the TOXcms Software

Analytical ChemistryDecember 5, 2019
Cong-Hui YaoGary Joseph Patti
Biological Procedures Online

Cell-Wide Survey of Amide-Bonded Lysine Modifications by Using Deacetylase CobB

Biological Procedures OnlineDecember 1, 2019
Yun WeiXia-Di He
The Science of the Total Environment

Metabolomics reveals that tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl)phosphate (TDCPP) causes disruption of membrane lipids in microalga Scenedesmus obliquus

The Science of the Total EnvironmentNovember 22, 2019
Lei WangSam Fong Yau Li
Frontiers in Plant Science

The Regulation of Plant Secondary Metabolism in Response to Abiotic Stress: Interactions Between Heat Shock and Elevated CO2

Frontiers in Plant ScienceNovember 14, 2019
Nichola AustenDuncan Drummond Cameron
Frontiers in Microbiology

Comparative Genomics and Metabolomics Analyses of Clavulanic Acid-Producing Streptomyces Species Provides Insight Into Specialized Metabolism

Frontiers in MicrobiologyNovember 8, 2019
Nader F AbuSaraKapil Tahlan
The Science of the Total Environment

Antioxidant defenses and metabolic responses of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) exposed to various concentrations of erythromycin

The Science of the Total EnvironmentDecember 1, 2019
Ruoyu LiangGuoxiang Han
Pediatric Blood & Cancer

Metabolomic profiling in neuroblastoma

Pediatric Blood & CancerDecember 4, 2019
Guillermo QuintásVanessa Segura
Scientific Reports

Seven-day Green Tea Supplementation Revamps Gut Microbiome and Caecum/Skin Metabolome in Mice from Stress

Scientific ReportsDecember 5, 2019
Eun Sung JungChoong Hwan Lee
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Dysregulated Choline, Methionine, and Aromatic Amino Acid Metabolism in Patients with Wilson Disease: Exploratory Metabolomic Profiling and Implications for Hepatic and Neurologic Phenotypes

International Journal of Molecular SciencesNovember 26, 2019
Tagreed A MaziValentina Medici

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