Paracoccidioidomycosis is a fungal infection caused by Paracoccidioides brasiliensis and Paracoccidioides lutzii, and is characterized by dry cough and shortness of breath. Discover the latest research on Paracoccidioidomycosis here.

January 7, 2021
Open Access

Interacting with Hemoglobin: Paracoccidioides spp. Recruits hsp30 on Its Cell Surface for Enhanced Ability to Use This Iron Source

Journal of Fungi
Aparecido Ferreira de SouzaCélia Maria de Almeida Soares
December 2, 2020

IgG reactivity profile to Paracoccidioides spp. antigens in people with asymptomatic Paracoccidioidomycosis

Journal of Medical Microbiology
Adriane Lenhard-VidalEiko Nakagawa Itano
December 30, 2020

Metabolomics Reveals Minor Tambjamines in a Marine Invertebrate Food Chain

Journal of Natural Products
Mirelle TakakiRoberto G S Berlinck
January 5, 2021

Fungal endophytes in Peperomia obtusifolia and their potential as inhibitors of chickpea fungal pathogens

World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology
Nathalie Ruiz MostaceroSilvia Noelí López
January 12, 2021
Open Access

The Role of the Interleukin-17 Axis and Neutrophils in the Pathogenesis of Endemic and Systemic Mycoses

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Juan David Puerta-AriasÁngel González
December 6, 2020

Molecular phylogeny, identification and pathogenicity of Rhizopus oryzae associated with root rot of mulberry in India

Journal of Applied Microbiology
Belaghihalli N GnaneshPankaj Tewary
November 16, 2020
Open Access

Linoleate diol synthase related enzymes of the human pathogens Histoplasma capsulatum and Blastomyces dermatitidis

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Ernst H Oliw
December 16, 2020
Case Report

Paracoccidioidomycosis due to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis S1 associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: A case report

Revista iberoamericana de micología
Paulo Mendes PeçanhaSarah Santos Gonçalves
November 19, 2020
Case Report
Open Access

Paracoccidioidomycosis due to Paracoccidioides lutzii complicated with adrenal injury and pulmonary arterial hypertension

Revista Do Instituto De Medicina Tropical De São Paulo
Gilberto Gambero GasparRoberto Martinez
November 22, 2020
Open Access

Molecular Tools for Detection and Identification of Paracoccidioides Species: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Journal of Fungi
Breno Gonçalves PinheiroAnderson Messias Rodrigues
January 19, 2021
Open Access

Complete chloroplast genome of Hevea benthamiana , a SALB-resistant relative wild species of rubber tree

Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources
Ying-Feng NiuJin Liu
January 4, 2021

The Antimicrobial Activities of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized from Medicinal Mushrooms

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
Anita KlausLeonardus Johannes Lambertus Donatus Van Griensven

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