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Parasite Genetics

Parasite Genetics diagram by Rattiya Thongdumhyu, Shutterstock
Rattiya Thongdumhyu, Shutterstock

Parasite genetics is the study of the genetic material of parasites. Here is the latest research on parasite genetics.

Top 20 most recent papers
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease

Role of Host and Parasite MIF Cytokines during Leishmania Infection

Tropical Medicine and Infectious DiseaseApril 5, 2020
Thomas Holowka, Richard Bucala
Plant Science : an International Journal of Experimental Plant Biology

Salivary proteins of Phloeomyzus passerinii, a plant-manipulating aphid, and their impact on early gene responses of susceptible and resistant poplar genotypes

Plant Science : an International Journal of Experimental Plant BiologyApril 3, 2020
Luis Portillo LemusAurélien Sallé
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Adding MASP1 to the lectin pathway-Leprosy association puzzle: Hints from gene polymorphisms and protein levels

PLoS Neglected Tropical DiseasesApril 3, 2020
Hellen Weinschutz MendesIara J Taborda Messias-Reason
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

A novel cystatin derived from Trichinella spiralis suppresses macrophage-mediated inflammatory responses

PLoS Neglected Tropical DiseasesApril 3, 2020
Porntida KobpornchaiPoom Adisakwattana
Marine Drugs

Screening Marine Natural Products for New Drug Leads against Trypanosomatids and Malaria

Marine DrugsApril 5, 2020
María Álvarez-BardónRafael Balaña-Fouce
Parasitology Research

Haemosporidian parasites of resident and wintering migratory birds in The Bahamas

Parasitology ResearchApril 5, 2020
Letícia SoaresRobert E Ricklefs
The New Phytologist

Are root parasitic plants like any other plant pathogens?

The New PhytologistApril 2, 2020
Philippe Delavault

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