Pseudorabies is caused by the pseudorabies virus, also known as Suid herpesvirus 1. This disease is found in swine and other economically important animals. Discover the latest research on pseudorabies here.

June 14, 2020
Open Access

Ivermectin: a systematic review from antiviral effects to COVID-19 complementary regimen

The Journal of Antibiotics
Fatemeh Heidary, Reza Gharebaghi
May 14, 2020

Detection of a gE-deleted Pseudorabies virus strain in an Italian red fox

Veterinary Microbiology
Ana MorenoMarta Paniccià
August 4, 2020

Host antiviral protein IFITM2 restricts pseudorabies virus replication

Virus Research
Jingying XieRuofei Feng
May 29, 2020

Construction and immunogenicity of a gE/gI/TK-deleted PRV based on porcine pseudorabies virus variant

Molecular and Cellular Probes
Yu ZhaoHong-Ying Chen
July 22, 2020

Golgi staining-like retrograde labeling of brain circuits using rabies virus: Focus onto the striatonigral neurons

Journal of Neuroscience Methods
P SalinP Coulon
June 24, 2020
Open Access

Pseudorabies virus encephalitis in humans: a case series study

Journal of Neurovirology
Siyuan FanHongzhi Guan
July 16, 2020

A novel human acute encephalitis caused by pseudorabies virus variant strain

Clinical Infectious Diseases : an Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
Qingyun LiuWei Li
June 20, 2020
Open Access

The Battle against COVID 19 Pandemic: What we Need to Know Before we "Test Fire" Ivermectin

Drug Research
Kushal BanerjeeShah Newaz Ahmed

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