Signal Transduction & Control of Gene Expression

Expression of genes are thought to be involved in signaling pathways, which are important for cell growth, metabolism, apoptosis and more. It is thought that gene expression plays a part in the signaling pathways that implicates the biological effects of the cell. Here is the latest research on signal transduction and the control of gene expression.

January 15, 2021

Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a Model To Study Chemosensory Pathway Signaling

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews : MMBR
Miguel A MatillaTino Krell
January 15, 2021
Open Access

Proteostasis in dendritic cells is controlled by the PERK signaling axis independently of ATF4

Life Science Alliance
Andreia MendesPhilippe Pierre
January 13, 2021
Open Access

Bruchid beetle ovipositioning mediated defense responses in black gram pods

BMC Plant Biology
Debajit DasBidyut Kumar Sarmah
January 13, 2021
Open Access

Oxylipins are implicated as communication signals in tomato-root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) interaction

Scientific Reports
Nathalia FitoussiSigal Braun Miyara
January 8, 2021

Improving Biotransformation Efficiency of Arthrobacter simplex by Enhancement of Cell Stress Tolerance and Enzyme Activity

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Jian-Mei LuoMin Wang
January 7, 2021
Open Access

GLUT5 (SLC2A5) enables fructose-mediated proliferation independent of ketohexokinase

Roger Jie LiangMarcus DaSilva Goncalves
January 14, 2021
Open Access

CERTL reduces C16 ceramide, amyloid-β levels and inflammation in a model of Alzheimer's disease

Simone Mwenda CrivelliPilar Martinez-Martinez
January 13, 2021
Open Access

CMTM6 drives cisplatin resistance by regulating Wnt signaling through ENO-1/AKT/GSK3β axis

JCI Insight
Pallavi MohapatraRupesh Dash
January 9, 2021
Open Access

Computational analysis to repurpose drugs for COVID-19 based on transcriptional response of host cells to SARS-CoV-2

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Fuhai LiPhilip R O Payne
January 12, 2021
Open Access

Krupple-Like Factor 5 is a Potential Therapeutic Target and Prognostic Marker in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Frontiers in Pharmacology
Abdul K SirajKhawla S Al-Kuraya
January 7, 2021
Open Access

Gene Therapy for Primary Immunodeficiency

Benjamin C Houghton, Claire Booth

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