Testicular Germ Cell Tumors

Majority of testicular cancers originate in germ cells. Testicular germ cell tumors are the most common solid tumors in adolescent and young men. Here is the latest research on factors that influence this cancer and its management.

September 21, 2020

Second line salvage systemic therapy for advanced penile cancer

Urologic Oncology
Jad ChahoudAndrea Necchi
September 21, 2020

Review: Evolution of evidence on PFOA and health following the assessments of the C8 Science Panel

Environment International
Kyle SteenlandDavid A Savitz
September 21, 2020

Comparison of Mexican-American vs Caucasian prostate cancer active surveillance candidates

Urologic Oncology
Claudia Collà RuvoloPierre I Karakiewicz
September 12, 2020
Open Access

Goal-focused Emotion-Regulation Therapy for young adult survivors of testicular cancer: Feasibility of a behavioral intervention

Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications
Michael A Hoyt, Christian J Nelson
September 14, 2020

Urinary biomarkers in bladder cancer: A review of the current landscape and future directions

Urologic Oncology
Kenrick NgNikhil Vasdev
August 28, 2020

A Genetically Engineered Mouse Model of Malignant Testicular Germ Cell Tumors

Methods in Molecular Biology
Amy M LyndakerRobert S Weiss
August 31, 2020

Evaluation of the clinical use of PET/CT with 68 Ga-PSMA for the assessment of biochemical recurrence of low or intermediate-risk prostate cancer

Urologic Oncology
André Marcondes Braga RibeiroStênio de Cássio Zequi
September 20, 2020

Practice patterns related to prostate cancer grading: results of a 2019 Genitourinary Pathology Society clinician survey

Urologic Oncology
Samson W FiJonathan I Epstein
September 12, 2020

Contemporary trends in percutaneous renal mass biopsy utilization in the United States

Urologic Oncology
Manuel OzambelaSteven L Chang
August 31, 2020

Patient empowerment through engagement in bladder cancer research

Urologic Oncology
Judy HamadAngela Smith

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