DOI: 10.1101/480673Nov 29, 2018Paper

A Biomechanical Model of Tumor-induced Intracranial Pressure and Edema in Brain Tissue

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Inmaculada SorribesHarsh Vardhan Jain


Brain tumor growth and tumor-induced edema result in increased intracranial pressure (ICP), which, in turn, is responsible for conditions as benign as headaches and vomiting, or as severe as seizures, neurological damage, or even death. Therefore, it has been hypothesized that tracking ICP dynamics may offer improved prognostic potential in terms of early detection of brain cancer and better delimitation of the tumor boundary. However, translating such theory into clinical practice remains a challenge, in part, due to an incomplete understanding of how ICP correlates with tumor grade. Here, we propose a multiphase mixture model that describes the biomechanical response of healthy brain tissue -- in terms of changes in ICP and edema -- to a growing tumor. The model captures ICP dynamics within the diseased brain and accounts for the ability/inability of healthy tissue to compensate for this pressure. We propose parameter regimes that distinguish brain tumors by grade thereby providing critical insight into how ICP dynamics vary by severity of disease. In particular, we offer an explanation for clinically observed phenomena such as lack of symptoms in low grade glioma patients versus a rapid onset of symptoms in those with malign...Continue Reading

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