A computer simulation of functional group contributions to free energy in water and a DPPC lipid bilayer

Biophysical Journal
Tian-Xiang Xiang, Bradley D Anderson


A series of all-atom molecular dynamics simulations has been performed to evaluate the contributions of various functional groups to the free energy of solvation in water and a dipalmitoylphospatidylcholine lipid bilayer membrane and to the free energies of solute transfer (Delta(DeltaG(o))X) from water into the ordered-chain interior of the bilayer. Free energies for mutations of the alpha-H atom in p-toluic acid to six different substituents (-CH3, -Cl, -OCH3, -CN, -OH, -COOH) were calculated by a combined thermodynamic integration and perturbation method and compared to literature results from vapor pressure measurements, partition coefficients, and membrane transport experiments. Convergence of the calculated free energies was indicated by substantial declines in standard deviations for the calculated free energies with increased simulation length, by the independence of the ensemble-averaged Boltzmann factors to simulation length, and the weak dependence of hysteresis effects on simulation length over two different simulation lengths and starting from different initial configurations. Calculated values of Delta(DeltaG(o))X correlate linearly with corresponding values obtained from lipid bilayer transport experiments with a...Continue Reading


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