A conserved oomycete CRN effector targets and modulates tomato TCP14-2 to enhance virulence

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Remco StamEdgar Huitema


Phytophthora spp. secrete vast arrays of effector molecules upon infection. A main class of intracellular effectors are the CRNs. They are translocated into the host cell and specifically localise to the nucleus where they are thought to perturb many different cellular processes. Although CRN proteins have been implicated as effectors, direct evidence of CRN mediated perturbation of host processes has been lacking. Here we show that a conserved CRN effector from P. capsici directly binds to tomato transcription factor SlTCP14-2. Previous studies in Arabidopsis thaliana have revealed that transcription factor TCP14 may be key immune signalling protein, targeted by effectors from divergent species. We extend on our understanding of TCP targeting by pathogen effectors by showing that the P. capsici effector CRN12\_997 binds to SlTCP14-2 in plants. SlTCP14-2 over-expression enhances immunity to P. capsici , a phenotypic outcome that can be abolished by co-expression of CRN12\_997. We show that in the presence of CRN12\_997, SlTCP14-2 association with nuclear chromatin is diminished, resulting in altered SlTCP14 subnuclear localisation. These results suggest that CRN12\_997 prevents SlTCP14 from positively regulating defence agains...Continue Reading

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Cell Nucleus
Transcription Factor
Alpha-elicitin capsicein protein, Phytophthora capsici
Arabidopsis thaliana <plant>

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