Feb 1, 1976

A dopamine receptor in esophageal smooth muscle of the opossum

D J de Carle, J Christensen


We examined the possibility that dopamine may play a role in nerve-mediated "off" responses of esophageal body (EB) and relaxations of lower esophageal spincter (LES) smooth muscle. The effects of dopamine, epinine, and dopamine antagonists on EB and LES smooth muscle were studied on these responses. Dopamine and epinine caused a dose-related fall in basal LES muscle tension and in amplitude of EB muscle "off" responses. Threshold dose for both was about 10(-7) M, and maximal dose was about 10(-4) M. At high concentrations, they also caused repetitive transient contractions of both LES and EB muscle after the period of inhibition. These effects were antagonized by haloperidol, 10(-5) M, and bulbocapnine, 10(-5) M, but were not influenced by propranolol, 10(-5) M, nor by phenoxybenzamine, 10(-5) M. Neither haloperidol nor bulbocapnine influenced responses to electrical field stimulation. Tetrodotoxin 10(-7) M abolished the responses to electrical field stimulation but did not antagonize the effects of dopamine and epinine. EB and LES smooth muscle contain a dopamine receptor. It is unlikely that dopamine is involved in responses to electrical field stimulation.

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