PMID: 42224Oct 20, 1979

A double blind cross-over study with mepindolol-sulfate in patients with coronary heart disease (author's transl)

Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift
J BonelliG Kaik


The effect of mepindolol-sulfate (2 x 2.5 mg) was tested in 20 patients with coronary heart disease in a controlled study against placebo resp. propranolol (3 x 40 mg). 1. The frequency and intensity of anginal attacks were reduced significantly under mepindolol-sulfate therapy.-- 2. There was a significant improvement of ergometric exercise tolerance under mepindolol-sulfate therapy.--3. Additionally a reduction of ST-depression in ECG was found under mepindolol-sulfate.--4. In patients with coronary heart disease the clinical effect of mepindolol-sulfate in a daily dose of 2 x 2.5 mg was equal to propranolol in a daily dose of 3 x 40 mg.

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