DOI: 10.1101/003129Feb 28, 2014Paper

A Genetic Screen Identifies Two Novel Rice Cysteine-rich Receptor-like Kinases That Are Required for the Rice NH1-mediated Immune Response

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Mawsheng ChernPamela C Ronald


Abbreviations : BTH : benzothiadiazole CRK : cysteine-rich receptor-like kinases NH1 : NPR1 homolog 1 NPR1 : non-expressor of pathogenesis-related genes 1 SA : salicylic acid SAR : systemic acquired resistance; sn11 , suppressor of NH1-mediated lesion mimics 1. Over-expression of rice NH1 (NH1ox), the ortholog of Arabidopsis NPR1 , confers immunity to bacterial and fungal pathogens and induces the appearance of necrotic lesions due to activation of defense genes at the pre-flowering stage. This lesion-mimic phenotype can be enhanced by the application of benzothiadiazole (BTH). To identify genes regulating these responses, we screened a fast neutron-irradiated NH1ox rice population. We identified one mutant, called sn11 (suppressor of NH1-mediated lesion-mimic 1), which is impaired both in BTH-induced necrotic lesion formation and in the immune response. Using a comparative genome hybridization approach employing rice whole genome tiling array, we identified 11 genes associated with the sn11 phenotype. Transgenic analysis revealed that RNA interference of two of the genes, encoding previously uncharacterized cysteine-rich receptor-like kinases (CRK6 and CRK10), re-created the sn11 phenotype. Elevated expression ...Continue Reading

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