A Model of Avian Genome Evolution

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Liaofu Luo


A model of avian genome evolution is proposed. The classical evolutionary equation is written in terms of nucleotide frequencies of the genome varying in time. The evolution is described by a second-order differential equation. The diversity and the environmental potential play dominant role on the genome evolution. Environmental potential parameters, evolutionary inertial parameter and dissipation parameter are estimated by avian genomic data. To describe the speciation event the quantum evolutionary equation is proposed which is the generalization of the classical equation through correspondence principle. The Schrodinger wave function is the probability amplitude of nucleotide frequencies. The discreteness of quantum state is deduced and the ground-state wave function of avian genome is obtained. New species production is described by the quantum transition between discrete quantum states. The quantum transition rate is calculated from Schrodinger equation which provides a clue to understand the law of the rapid post-Cretaceous radiation of neoavian birds. The present article is the continuation of the author's work "a model on genome evolution" published at arXiv:1411.2205 \[q-bio.OT\] (2014).

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