Feb 1, 1985

A mouse ear reaction for assessment of human lymphocyte immunocompetence

E MukamelN Trainin


A mouse ear reaction for testing cell mediated immunity of human lymphocytes using the local graft-versus-host reaction assay is described. Five million human mononuclears were locally injected into the ears of immune suppressed NZW mice. The reaction mounted was quantitated by determining the 125I-Iodo-Deoxyuridine (125I-UdR) incorporation in both ears. The ratio of 125I-UdR incorporation, of the injected to that of the non-injected ear (GVHR index), 7 days after lymphocyte injection, served as an accurate measure for the extent of the reaction. Only normal human mononuclears and purified, separated normal human T lymphocytes mounted a local graft-versus-host reaction. Whereas normal human B lymphocytes, chronic lymphatic leukemia B lymphocytes, mononuclears from patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, irradiated normal human mononuclears, mouse syngeneic mononuclears, or human erythrocytes gave no positive reaction. These experiments demonstrate that this assay can be used to quantitate an in-vivo specific graft-versus-host reaction.

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