PMID: 591101Jan 1, 1977

A new well-characterized, purified allergen preparation from timothy pollen. II. Allergenic in vivo and vitro properties

International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology
A B FrostadK Aas


A purified allergen preparation, Timothy N, from timothy pollen and a crude commercial extract, Timothy O, prepared from the same pollen material, were tested in tenfold dilutions on 59 adults with allergic rhinitis and on 29 children with bronchial asthma. All patients were allergic to grass pollen. Using the prick and intracutaneous methods, dose-response tablets were established for the two preparations showing a good correlation. Nasal provocation tests on the adult patients and bronchial provocation tests on the children gave positive reactions in all cases when using Timothy N. No irritant effect resulting in non specific reactions were elicited. The availability of stable, freeze-dried and purified allergen preparations supplied in different vials with defined allergenic activities fulfils the clinical demands for a modern diagnostic allergen preparation.


Apr 1, 1980·Allergy·A W Frankland
Oct 1, 1980·The British Journal of Dermatology·E S Falk, R Bolle

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