DOI: 10.1101/479790Nov 29, 2018Paper

A Novel Method for Quantifying Traction Forces from Hexagonal Micropatterned Features on Deformable Poly-Dimethyl Siloxane Sheets

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Brian P. GriffinChristopher A Lemmon


Many methods exist for quantifying cellular traction forces, including traction force microscopy and microfabricated post arrays. However, these methodologies have limitations, including a requirement to remove cells to determine undeflected particle locations and the inability to quantify forces of cells with low cytoskeletal stiffness, respectively. Here we present a novel method of traction force quantification that eliminates both of these limitations. Through the use of a hexagonal pattern of microcontact-printed protein spots, a novel computational algorithm, and thin surfaces of polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) blends, we demonstrate a system that quantifies cellular forces on a homogeneous surface that is stable, easily manufactured, and can quantify forces without need for cellular removal.

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Microscopy, Atomic Force

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