A novel UDP-glucose transferase is part of the callose synthase complex and interacts with phragmoplastin at the forming cell plate

The Plant Cell
Z HongDesh Pal S Verma


Using phragmoplastin as a bait, we isolated an Arabidopsis cDNA encoding a novel UDP-glucose transferase (UGT1). This interaction was confirmed by an in vitro protein--protein interaction assay using purified UGT1 and radiolabeled phragmoplastin. Protein gel blot results revealed that UGT1 is associated with the membrane fraction and copurified with the product-entrapped callose synthase complex. These data suggest that UGT1 may act as a subunit of callose synthase that uses UDP-glucose to synthesize callose, a 1,3-beta-glucan. UGT1 also interacted with Rop1, a Rho-like protein, and this interaction occurred only in its GTP-bound configuration, suggesting that the plant callose synthase may be regulated by Rop1 through the interaction with UGT1. The green fluorescent protein--UGT1 fusion protein was located on the forming cell plate during cytokinesis. We propose that UGT1 may transfer UDP-glucose from sucrose synthase to the callose synthase and thus help form a substrate channel for the synthesis of callose at the forming cell plate.


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