Apr 9, 2020

Activity-dependent translation in astrocytes

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D. SapkotaJoseph D Dougherty


Gene expression requires two steps-- transcription and translation-- which can be regulated independently to allow nuanced, localized, and rapid responses to cellular stimuli. Neurons are known to respond transcriptionally and translationally to bursts of brain activity, and a transcriptional response to this activation has also been recently characterized in astrocytes. However, the extent to which astrocytes respond translationally is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that astrocytes also have a programmed translational response by characterizing the change in transcript ribosome occupancy in astrocytes using Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification subsequent to a robust induction of neuronal activity in vivo via acute seizure. We identified a reproducible change in transcripts on astrocyte ribosomes, highlighted by a rapid decrease in housekeeping transcripts, such as ribosomal and mitochondrial components, and a rapid increase in transcripts related to cytoskeleton, motor activity, ion transport, and cell communication. This indicates a dynamic response, some of which might be secondary to activation of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase signaling. Using acute slices, we quantified the extent to which individual cues and sequela o...Continue Reading

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