DOI: 10.1101/469122Nov 28, 2018Paper

A protein phosphorylation module patterns the Bacillus subtilis spore outer coat

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Carolina FreitasAdriano O Henriques


Assembly of the Bacillus subtilis spore coat involves over 80 protein components, which self-organize into a basal layer, a lamellar inner coat, a striated electrondense outer coat and a more external crust. CotB is an abundant component of the outer coat. Its C-terminal moiety contains a region, termed SKRB, formed by a series of serine-rich repeats, which we show is phosphorylated by the coat-associated Ser/Thr kinase CotH at multiple Ser residues. Another coat protein, CotG, which contains a central repeat region, SKRG, interacts with the C-terminal moiety of CotB and promotes its phosphorylation by CotH in vivo and in a heterologous system. CotG itself is phosphorylated by CotH but phosphorylation is enhanced in the absence of CotB. Spores of a cotHD288A strain, producing an inactive form of the kinase, like those formed by a cotG deletion mutant, lack the characteristic pattern of electrondense outer coat striations, while retaining the crust. Specifically, in the absence of CotG or CotH activity, most of the outer coat proteins are assembled but form a layer of amorphous material that peels-off the spore if crust formation is genetically ablated. In contrast, deletion of the SKRB region, has no major impact on the structu...Continue Reading

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