Jan 1, 1989

A protein structural motif that bends DNA

S W WhiteI Tanaka


The prokaryotic protein HU, integration host factor (IHF) from Escherichia coli, and transcription factor 1 (TF1) from bacteriophage SPO1 are closely related molecules. Biochemical results suggest that the role of these proteins is to bind and bend DNA. From the high-resolution structure of HU, we propose a model for this interaction with DNA. Crucial amino acid differences between the proteins can be rationalized in terms of their different specific functions.

Mentioned in this Paper

RNA Conformation
Bacterial Proteins
Alkalescens-Dispar Group
Decompression Sickness
Structure-Activity Relationship
Viral Proteins
Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1-alpha
Bacillus phage SPO1
Integration Host Factors

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