A Re-examination of the Role of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 8 in Developmental Abnormalities Caused by the P1/HC-Pro Viral Suppressor of RNA Silencing

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Sizolwenkosi MlotshwaVicki Vance


Plant viral suppressors of RNA silencing induce developmental defects similar to those caused by mutations in genes involved in the microRNA (miRNA) pathway. These abnormalities were originally thought to reflect a pleiotropic impact of silencing suppressors on miRNA control of plant development. However, subsequent work with the P1/HC-Pro potyviral suppressor of silencing showed that global impairment of the miRNA pathway was not responsible for the phenotypical anomalies. More recently, developmental defects caused by a P1/HC-Pro transgene under control of the 35S promoter were attributed to moderate upregulation of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 8 (ARF8), a target of miR167. The key piece of evidence in that work was that the developmental defects in the 35S-pro:P1/HC-Pro transgenic Arabidopsis were greatly alleviated in the F1 progeny of a cross with plants carrying the arf8-6 mutation. Arf8-6 is a SALK line T-DNA insertion mutant, a class of mutations prone to inducing transcriptional silencing of transgenes expressed from the 35S promoter. Here we report a re-investigation of the role of ARF8 in P1/HC-Pro-mediated developmental defects. We characterized the progeny of a cross between our 35S-pro:P1/HC-Pro transgenic Arabidopsis li...Continue Reading

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