DOI: 10.1101/462606Nov 5, 2018Paper

A sequence-based approach for identifying protein fold switchers

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S. MishraLauren L Porter


Although most proteins conform to the classical one-structure/one-function paradigm, an increasing number of proteins with dual structures and functions are emerging. These fold-switching proteins remodel their secondary structures in response to cellular stimuli, fostering multi-functionality and tight cellular control. Accurate predictions of fold-switching proteins could both suggest underlying mechanisms for uncharacterized biological processes and reveal potential drug targets. Previously, we developed a prediction method for fold-switching proteins based on secondary structure predictions and structure-based thermodynamic calculations. Given the large number of genomic sequences without homologous experimentally characterized structures, however, we sought to predict fold-switching proteins from their sequences alone. To do this, we leveraged state-of-the-art secondary structure predictions, which require only amino acid sequences but are not currently designed to identify structural duality in proteins. Thus, we hypothesized that incorrect and inconsistent secondary structure predictions could be good initial predictors of fold-switching proteins. We found that secondary structure predictions of fold-switching proteins w...Continue Reading

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