A simple method to co-purify genomic DNA, RNA, and proteins for functional studies

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Jian JiangYing Wang


Understanding the regulation of gene expression, from the epigenetic modifications on genomes to posttranscriptional and translational controls, are critical for elucidating molecular mechanisms underlying distinct phenotypes in biology. With the rapid development of Multi-Omics analyses, it is desirable to minimize sample variations by using DNA, RNA, and proteins co-purified from the same samples. Currently, most of the co-purification protocols rely on Tri Reagent (Trizol as a common representative) and require protein precipitation and dissolving steps, which render difficulties in experimental handling and high-throughput analyses. Here, we established a simple and robust method to minimize the precipitation steps and yield ready-to-use RNA and protein in solutions. This method can be applied to samples in small quantity, such as protoplasts. We demonstrated that the protoplast system equipped with this method may facilitate studies on viroid biogenesis. Given the ease and the robustness of this new method, it will have broad applications for plant research and other disciplines in molecular biology.

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Gene Expression
Molecular Biology
RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional
Protein Purification

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