DOI: 10.1101/452847Oct 24, 2018Paper

A survey of fishes of Hombolo Lake, Dodoma, Tanzania, with evidence for local extinction of a native tilapia as a consequence of stocking

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George F TurnerMartin J Genner


The fish community of the Hombolo Lake, an impoundment on the Wami catchment near Dodoma, Tanzania, was surveyed in 2014 and 2017. The lake contains a relatively low diversity community dominated by two Oreochromis species introduced from outside the Wami catchment, O. niloticus and O. esculentus . Evidence from historical collections suggests that the native O. urolepis was formerly present, and its current absence is likely to be the result of competitive exclusion or genetic swamping by non-native species introduced for fishery enhancement. Four other fish species were also recorded.

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