PMID: 6988444Feb 1, 1980Paper

A twelve-channel automatic device for continuous recording of cell aggregation by measurement of small-angle light-scattering

Journal of Cell Science
W A Thomas, M S Steinberg


We describe here a 12-channel aggregometer, evolved from the instrument described by Beug & Gerisch in 1972, which records the course of aggregation or agglutination of cells or other particles by following the changes in light-scattering of the aggregating suspension. The instrument incorporates a simple memory system for condensing the data, introduces an improved cuvette design, and can be adjusted in its responsiveness to light-scattering by particles of different sizes. In our aggregometer, a vertical wheel in an opaque thermostatted chamber accommodates up to 12 cuvettes each containing a cell suspension and an air bubble. The constant rising of the bubble as the wheel rotates causes the stirring action which promotes aggregation. At a certain point in its rotational path, each cuvette is penetrated by a beam of light focused upon an absorbing beam stop centred in front of a photomultiplier tube. Particles suspended in the cuvette scatter a portion of the light beyond the beam stop into the photomultiplier tube to produce an electrical pulse proportional to the photon input. Collection of these pulses with the wheel in continuous motion avoids any disturbance of the course of aggregation. The pulses are routed to memory c...Continue Reading

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