DOI: 10.1101/472134Nov 19, 2018Paper

A well-ordered nanoflow LC-MS/MS approach for proteome profiling using 200 cm long micro pillar array columns

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Jeff Op De BeeckFrancis Impens


In bottom-up proteomics, capillaries up to 75 cm long with internal diameters of 50 to 100 μm packed with sub-2μm C18-functionalized particles are routinely used in combination with high-resolution mass spectrometry. Unlike such conventional liquid chromatography (LC) columns, micro pillar array columns (μPAC™) are fabricated using micromachining technology, resulting in perfectly ordered chromatographic separation beds, leading to a minimized analyte dispersion while column permeability is increased by one order of magnitude. This allows using very long columns (up to 200 cm) at only a fraction of the pressure needed to operate packed bed columns. To validate μPAC™ column performances, different amounts of tryptic digests of HEK293T cell lysates were prepared and separated using a 200 cm μPAC™ column or a 40 cm long conventional column. Using an Orbitrap Elite instrument, on average 25% more proteins were identified with the μPAC™ column. Moreover, the rate at which the peak width increases with gradient time is much lower on the μPAC™ column. For a 10-hour long gradient, average peak widths below 0.5 min were observed, resulting in consistent identification of over 5,000 proteins. Combining long solvent gradients and this new...Continue Reading

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