A workflow for patient-individualized virtual angiogram generation based on CFD simulation

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
Jürgen EndresArnd Dörfler


Increasing interest is drawn on hemodynamic parameters for classifying the risk of rupture as well as treatment planning of cerebral aneurysms. A proposed method to obtain quantities such as wall shear stress, pressure, and blood flow velocity is to numerically simulate the blood flow using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. For the validation of those calculated quantities, virtually generated angiograms, based on the CFD results, are increasingly used for a subsequent comparison with real, acquired angiograms. For the generation of virtual angiograms, several patient-specific parameters have to be incorporated to obtain virtual angiograms which match the acquired angiograms as best as possible. For this purpose, a workflow is presented and demonstrated involving multiple phantom and patient cases.


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