Actions and mechanisms of action of novel analogues of sotalol on guinea-pig and rabbit ventricular cells

British Journal of Pharmacology
S P ConnorsD A Terrar


1. The actions and mechanisms of action of novel analogues of sotalol which prolong cardiac action potentials were investigated in guinea-pig and rabbit isolated ventricular cells. 2. In guinea-pig and rabbit cells the compounds significantly prolonged action potential duration at 20% and 90% repolarization levels without affecting resting membrane potential. In guinea-pig but not rabbit cells there was an increase in action potential amplitude and in rabbit cells there was no change in the shape or position of the 'notch' in the action potential. 3. Possible mechanisms of action were studied in more detail in the case of compound II (1-(4-methanesulphonamidophenoxy)-3-(N-methyl 3,4 dichlorophenylethylamino)-2-propanol). Prolongation of action potential duration continued to occur in the presence of nisoldipine, and calcium currents recorded under voltage-clamp conditions were not reduced by compound II (1 microM). Action potential prolongation by compound II was also unaffected in the presence of 10 microM tetrodotoxin. 4. Compound II (1 microM) did not influence IK1 assessed from the current during ramp changes in membrane potential (20 mV s-1) over the range -90 to -10 mV. 5. Compound II (1 microM) blocked time-dependent del...Continue Reading


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