PMID: 45272Nov 1, 1979

Activation of phosphatidylserine synthesis: a possible mechanism of regulation of the base-exchange enzymic system

The Italian Journal of Biochemistry
E CastigliG Porcellati


The possible relationship between phosphatidyl serine synthesis by base-exchange and nervous activity has been investigated in the rat caudate nucleus. The rate of incorporation of L-serine into the phosphatidyl serine of slices from caudate nucleus is not affected by dopamine nor is it affected by the addition to dopamine of a cyclic phosphodiesterase inhibitor which would increase the endogenous cyclic-AMP levels. However, imidazole, a phosphodiesterase activator, clearly stimulates by more than 100% the phosphatidyl serine synthesis in the slices. The activation is not due to interaction at the catalytic site(s) of the base-exchange system, since it is neither observed in homogenates of caudate nucleus nor in cerebral microsomes at various pH values.

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