PMID: 39101Oct 1, 1979

Adoptive immunotherapy of leukemia in the rat, without graft-VS-host complications

The Journal of Immunology : Official Journal of the American Association of Immunologists
O WestcottB Roser


PVG rats bearing a transplantable T cell leukemia were treated with large inocula of lymphoid cells from AUG rats sensitized either against the leukemia or against PVG lymphocytes. AUG and PVG bear identical Ag-B antigens but differ at minor loci, including the Pta loci, which code for differentiation antigens expressed only on peripheral T lymphocytes. Treatment with AUG cells immune to either the PVG leukemia or normal PVG cells resulted in prolonged survival of leukemic rats, a profound but ephemeral leukopenia and prolonged disappearance of leukemic cells from lymphoid tissue. All treated animals, however, eventually died with large, discrete deposits of leukemic cells in both hard and soft tissues. Despite the deliberate mismatching of host and donor cells for minor transplanation antigens, no evidence of GVH symptoms was observed in treated rats. This was interpreted as a result of directing the adoptive immune response to antigens of restricted distribution, i.e., on leukocytes and not on somatic cells.

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