May 25, 1976

Affinity labeling of a previously undetected essential lysyl residue in class I fructose bisphosphate aldolase

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
F C Hartman, J P Brown


The affinity label N-bromoacetylethanolamine phosphate (BrAcNHEtOP) has been used previously at pH 6.5 to identify His-359 of rabbit muscle aldolase as an active site residue. We now find that the specificity of the reagent is pH-dependent. At pH 8.5, alkylation with 14C-labeled BrAcNHEtOP abolishes both fructose-1,6-P2 cleavage activity and transaldolase activity. The stoichiometry of incorporation, the kinetics of inactivation, and the protection against inactivation afforded by a competitive inhibitor or dihydroxyacetone phosphate are consistent with the involvement of an active site residue. A comparison of 14C profiles obtained from chromatography on the amino acid analyzer of acid hydrolysates of inactivated and protected samples reveals that inactivation results from the alkylation of lysyl residues. The major peptide in tryptic digests of the inactivated enzyme has been isolated. Based on its amino acid composition and the known sequence of aldolase, Lys-146 is the residue preferentially alkylated by the reagent. Aldolase modified at His-359 is still subject to alkylation of lysine; thus Lys-146 and His-359 are not mutually exclusive sites. However, aldolase modified at Lys-146 is not subject to alkylation of histidine....Continue Reading

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