PMID: 6487760Jan 1, 1984Paper

Aggregation and disaggregation of red blood cells

R Skalak


The aggregation of red blood cells may be analyzed as an interaction of an adhesive surface energy and the elastic stored energy which results from deformation of the cell. The adhesive surface energy is the work required to separate a unit adhered area and is the resultant of adhesive forces due to the bridging molecules that bind the cells together and the electrostatic repulsion due to surface charge. The elastic strain energy in the case of the red blood is associated with the membrane elasticity only since the interior of the cell is liquid. The membrane elasticity is due both to bending stiffness and shear. The area expansion is small and may be neglected. These assumptions allow realistic computation of red cell shapes in rouleaux. The disaggregation of rouleaux requires an external force which must overcome the adhesive energy and also supply additional elastic energy of deformation. Depending on the geometry, the initial effect of elastic energy may tend to aid disaggregation. In a shear flow, the stresses on a suspended rouleau alternately tend to compress and to disaggregate the cells if they are free to rotate. This introduces a time dependence so that viscous effects due to the viscosity of the cell membrane, the c...Continue Reading


Mar 1, 1992·Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism : Official Journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism·M HoldH Denck

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