PMID: 45256Dec 1, 1979

Alkaline phosphatase activity of the bursa of Fabricius: histochemical study in the normal embryo and during allograft reactions

Bulletin de l'Association des anatomistes
H Gérard


Alkaline phosphatase activity allows a certain discrimination between lympho-inhibition following a direct action on the lymphoid stem cells or a modification of mesenchyme/epithelium interactions; in this study we have compared the evolution of this activity in untreated chick embryos and in chick embryos following graft-versus-host-reactions. The important decrease of mesenchyme alkaline phosphatase activity induced here, involves a localisation of allograft reaction in this tissue; this result does not agree with the former explanations about a direct action on the lymphoid stem cells.

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Establishment and Maintenance of Localization
Bursa of Fabricius
Entire Embryo
Graft Vs Host Reaction
Alkaline Phosphatase
Alkaline Phosphatase Activity
Chick Embryo

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